I’m going to be everything I want to be.

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I can’t
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Do not cave like your grandmother’s spine did

the day she fell down the stairs for the last time.

Loneliness is just a sheep in wolves’ clothing.

You know exactly how to tame it, to let it eat out of your palm.

When he puts up his fists, remember that all palm lines…

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I simply outdid my self this time
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There are two peoples creativity that seriously stimulates my mind and it’s crazy because we aren’t friends.
1. The first one I honestly think is beautiful and has a great ass. I saw her on Facebook and was determined to be her friend but “we” clash and she doesnt like a bone in my body. To me she’s the perfect installation. She’s amazing. Her steeze is demanding. Her art is magnificent and her perception of the world is what gets me. It’s authentic. It’s raw. It’s more than honest. Plus she has the cheeks

2. I admire EVERYTHING about this girl. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. With her how artistic she is speaks way louder to me than her natural beauty and that’s what so capturing. I wanna say so much more but my words will not paint a full portrait. She has a way with words that would put Shonda Rhimes to shame. She’s afraid to be afraid but unafraid to share. Her voice is soothing, like rain on a freshly paved sidewalk.

But I feel like we aren’t friends for a good reason. To fully understand someones art, you have to understand where the inspiration comes from and sometimes that’s the hardest part because then we realize how alike we are and that we have felt and feel the same pain. With understanding inspiration that’s another person you have to begin to let in and maybe it’s better just to have a surface understanding and admire the artist and their craft. I want to get to know these ladies but at the same time I feel like it’s best that I don’t ……

And then there’s Violette but she know the deal. I love that girl. I love her strength. I love her courage. I love her story and who she has become. I love that she has become acquainted with her voice and that when she speaks mountain moves. I love the fact that when her freckles were removed in Photoshop she spoke for her natural beauty.

For all three of these ladies I love that they inspire me in different aspects of my life because they have [somewhat] realized what makes them happy and it’s admirable

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I am NOT anti social I am just …different
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Russell Llantino is pleasing to me
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